The cmake structure of a package

To be easy to use together via cmake, the mmx packages share the following structure. Moreover, with this structure, the configuration files can be updated automatically using mmxmake. We will detail it for a package called hereafter pkg, corresponding to the folder pkg:

|-- include
|   |-- pkg
|       |-- file1.hpp
|       |--…
|-- src
|   |-- src_file1.cpp
|   |-- …
|-- glue
|   |-- glue_file1.cpp
|   |-- …
|-- app 
|   |-- tool1.cpp
|   |-- …
|-- test
|   | …
|-- axl
|   |-- QPlugin1 
|   |   |-- … 
|   | …
|-- specif
|   |-- pkg-cmake.mmx
|   |-- …
|-- CMakeModules
|   |--
|   |-- …
|-- CMakeLists.txt
|-- …

To describe how this structure is exploited in the configuration step, we assume that we run cmake in a folder build, where the binary files will be compiled:

cd build; cmake ../pkg

1.The header files

The header files are put in pkg/include/pkg. Their suffix is .hpp. They are used with the instruction in C++ files as follows:

#include <pkg/file1.hpp>

2.The source files for the library

The source files are put in pkg/src. Their suffix is .cpp. All the files in this folder are used to construct the library libpkg(.a,.so,.dyl,…) which is put in build/lib.

3.The application files

The application files are put in pkg/app. Their suffix is .cpp. For each file f.cpp in pkg/app, a binary application f is compiled and put in build/bin.

4.The test files

The test files are put in pkg/test. Their suffix is .cpp. For each file t.cpp in pkg/test, a binary application pkg_test_t is compiled in build/test. This files will be compiled if the option TEST is ON. They will executed with:

make test

5.The glue files for the interpreter

The glue files are put in pkg/glue. Their suffix is .cpp. All the files in this folder are used to construct the library libmmxpkg(.a,.so,.dyl,…) which is put in build/lib. This library can be loaded in the interpreter with the command use:

use "pkg";

6.The files for the axel plugins

The files for the axel plugins are put in pkg/axl. For each subfolder, of the form pkg/axl/QPlugin (starting with a Q), a plugin libQPlugin(.so,.dyl,…) will be constructed an put in build/plugins. All the files of the form pkg/axl/QPlugin/f.cpp (ending with .cpp) will be used to make this plugin. A plugin plugin/libQPlugin.* will be automatically loaded by axel.

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